About Us

Amanda Kraft, co-owner of Tastefully Yours Catering (TYC), has worked in the aviation catering business for over 15 years. In this industry, food is meticulously prepared, packaged and delivered to airports where flight crews serve the food during the flight. Despite the quality of the packaging materials used, such packaging is usually discarded once the flight has reached its final destination. Customers often request specific packaging materials and, as such, caterers like TYC are forced to carry staggering quantities of wide-ranging inventory, which subsequently occupy an immense amount of warehouse space. Additionally, manufacturers require caterers to order large quantities of packaging materials, therefore compounding the problem of storing product. As a solution to this growing problem, Amanda created Airware, a packaging company dedicated solely to the aviation industry where caterers are able to order nearly every type of packaging necessary to fulfill their orders. Furthermore, the minimum amount required to place an order will only be a fraction of what traditional manufacturer’s mandate. Airware carries everything from glass plates to bamboo bowls; metal serving trays to deluxe bento boxes. Airware is your one-stop packaging solutions superstore.

Amanda Kraft

Amanda Kraft has owned and operated Tastefully Yours Catering (TYC), an award winning culinary institution based in Atlanta, Georgia, serving domestic and international clients for over 15 years. Her international education and travels have created invaluable contacts around the world. Amanda’s understanding and first-hand experience in the aviation catering industry provide Airware with the insight it needs to offer complete packaging solutions at reasonable costs and in manageable quantities.

Eric Posey

Eric Posey has worked in the field of aviation/aerospace for over 10 years. He has held such positions as aerospace ground equipment technician and supervisor of line operations. Eric uses his aviation experience, along with prior manufacturing and warehousing acumen, to effectively coordinate and manage the logistics of Airware.